welcome to my page!

samuel - 18 - plural

also known as cosmic radiation, we are a polyfrag DID system
alterhuman + queer. angry and will bite you /j
see below for fronters and links to resources and some fun stuff!

art source!

here is a list of current fronters!

links and resources

please note that most of these links are not managed by me. while they are perfectly fine at the time at posting, i cannot control what is posted on them

- are you unsure what plurality or being a system is? look here and here!
- do you want to know more about alterhumanity? here's a wiki my friends are working on
- researching into LGBTQ terms? well, screw the wiki you'll find on FANDOM, they deleted the old inclusive one to replace it with more marketable shit! here's the original wiki's new home!

- the 3ds is a great console, and homebrew just adds more possibilities! if you want to hack yours, here's a safe and easy guide!
- also here's how to hack a wii u too, i don't own one but i've heard it's stupidly easy and opens up so much

- stressed or upset? need something to help distract you? well here's some stuff that may help. stay safe, i care about you
- here is a lot of pretty pixel art!
- here's a bunch of gifs and videos of very cute kitties. gotta love kitties!
- here is a list of crisis lines thoughout the world. i promise you they help, they helped me. you are loved, and there will be better times for you. i promise

im always looking for more stuff to add here, feel free to check back once in a while